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Where Desert Lands Are People’s Homes
Welcome To All People From Your Beautiful Lands
To This Land Of Colour And Ochre Sands

Explore Morocco With Mor’hara

We are a local Moroccan family owned tour company with a Uk connection managed by Hassan Lgouchi and Liz Coulter who specialise in creating personalised private Moroccan Tours both on and off the ‘the beaten track’ for independent travellers.

Our Moroccan and European perspectives enable us to offer considered and unique holiday experiences throughout the Morocco we know and love and a quality of personable service and expertise only a local owner tour operator can provide.

We are based in Hassans home town of Zagora in the pre Sahara region of Morocco and the Southern city of Marrakech from where we invite you to tour and explore Morocco with us and our enthusiastic team. Our online support is based in the Uk.

We are dedicated to capturing the essence of our homeland which we present here in our collection of authentic Tours and Excursions. Exciting travel in a welcoming and soulful land rich in geological and geographical cultural diversity is awaiting you.

Journey Into the Sahara With Mor’hara

A Desert Tour into the towering dune sets of Erg Chigaga and Erg Chebbi inclusive of Camel Trekking and Desert Camp is an impressive and memorable life time experience.

Should you wish to experience a Desert Tour you can be assured Hassan or any of our drivers are experienced when it comes to safely navigating the various routes into the Sahara.  All our drivers due to their desert heritage have an instinctive understanding of the ever changing desert landscape and 4×4 driving skills that enable them to traverse the shifting Saharan sands and the Desert pistes safely and with confidence and ease.

General Tour Information
Morocco without a doubt is the most spectacular and other worldly travel destination within North Africa. All our considered and stress free Private Tours and Excursions offer you personalised insights unique to Morocco including unforgettable not-to-be-missed experiences on or off road. It would be our pleasure to introduce you to the exotica Morocco has to offer and much more.
General Tour Information